Infinity The Academy – Start Here: Introduction

I worked on this article with help from WiseKensai. You can find the original on the Infinity Academy blog, here.

I have reproduced the text below.

Hello and welcome to Infinity Academy!

Infinity Academy is designed to be a one-stop-shop for Infinity teaching materials. 

Our articles are primarily aimed at new or intermediate players who are looking to either learn the game from scratch, or to extend their knowledge. If your question is, “how do I play Infinity?”, we hope that you’ll find comprehensive answers here. Similarly, if your question is, “how do I get better at Infinity?”, then we hope that there’s enough information in these pages to help. 

Now a quick note about what is not covered here. 

These resources are not intended to replace the core rules

The articles here are supplemental pieces of information, to be read alongside the core rules. The basics of moving, shooting, and rolling dice are covered in great detail on the Infinity Wiki and in the rule-book – so we won’t be repeating that here. What we will be providing here are extra pieces of information that provide more detail to the core rules, and can help to build greater understanding of the game.

This collection of articles does not focus on specific faction or unit tactics. For example, you will not find in-depth guides about Yu Jing, or longer pieces of writing exploring how to use heavy infantry. The topics covered here tend to be far more broad and focus on generic game concepts, rather than specific pieces of unit or faction advice. 

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