Starting With Haqqislam: First Purchases


Getting into Infinity can be dizzying. So many factions, and so many units! The aim of this article is to guide your first Haqqislam purchases, so that you waste as little money as possible and can start playing! My priority here is to guide you towards a list that features many thematic Haqqislam units, but not a list that’s maximally effective in tournaments. We’re aiming for good, fun, and thematic, not 100% optimised.

Note: I’m writing this article in August 2021. If you’re reading this in the future then it’s possible that some of the information I’ve given is out of date. I apologise for this, but that’s the nature of the world – things keep changing! I do hope that all of the products and prices I’ve listed are still accurate when you’re reading this, but please be understanding if they’ve changed.


I’m going to make a few assumptions in this article:

  • You’re a new player and have no Haqqislam units
  • You want to save money and buy as little as possible
  • You want to use all of the units you buy
  • You’re happy to proxy units

Now you might be asking – what does ‘proxy units’ mean?

Proxying means playing one unit as another unit. Pretending a model represents a different troop to the one it’s supposed to.

Why am I advocating for that? Two reasons:

  1. Proxying in Infinity is ok and completely sanctioned by the official rules. It is not frowned upon in the Infinity community – it’s actually normal.
  2. Some profiles in the rules don’t exist in model form so there are occasions in which you have to proxy because you have no choice.

I know that with some other games proxying is not allowed and people dislike it. This isn’t the case with Infinity. It’s more than just ok, it’s actually necessary in some cases. So with that in mind we’re going to be proxying some models.

And those are the assumptions done. Let’s move onto the purchases…..

Purchase 1

Hassassin Bahram Starter Pack

Link to Corvus Belli store

Price: €41.95


This pack gives you 6 troops. An Ayyar, a Muyib, a Farzan, and three Daylami. It consists of roughly 110 points.


The Hassassin starter set is fantastic value but it has a few problems from a list-building perspective. At the time of writing the Ayyar is mediocre (not bad, but not great either), and the Daylami provide irregular orders. (If you’re new and not sure what ‘irregular order’ means then just trust me when I say that you don’t want too many troops that provide irregular orders). The pack also doesn’t use the best Daylami profiles.

Run this as:

  • Ayyar Marksman Rifle -> Mukhtar Viral Rifle
  • Muyib Rifle + Grenade Launcher -> Zhayedan HMG
  • Farzan Rifle -> Fiday Rifle
  • Daylami (all profiles) -> Daylami Shotgun + Panzerfaust

The Ayyar has an exotic rifle so we’re going to swap it for another profile that also has a fancy rifle. The Muyib has a big, beefy looking gun so we’re going to play it as an HMG. The Farzan with rifle becomes a different troop with a rifle. And the Daylami get swapped for the most commonly taken loadout.


Haqqislam Support Pack

Link to Corvus Belli store

Price: €32.95

Total: €74.90


A Najjarun engineer, a Ghulam doctor, and two servant remotes (Nasmats) that help them out. 36 points.


The doctor is fantastic and will be used often. It’s a very common pick for Haqqislam. However the engineer is not.

Run this as:

  • Najjarun -> Barid

The Najjarun sculpt is looking at some kind of screen so we’re going to swap it away from an engineer, which won’t be used often, and use it as a Barid hacker.

150 Point List

Based on the two purchases you have made so far you can use the above list.

I’ve made one change. I recommended using the Najjarun engineer as a Barid hacker. In the above list I’ve taken a Barid killer hacker instead. If you’re new to the game this really doesn’t matter – I made this decision purely to save two points so that the list is exactly 150 points. You probably won’t play with hacking for a little while so this change won’t matter, but when you do I can assure you that Barids are very good hackers.

This is a strong list for 150 points with a few exciting profiles. The Zhayedan, Mukhtar, and Fiday are all very, very strong attackers. The downside of this list are the three irregular orders.

Regular orders can be spent on any troop. So your five regular orders can all go on the Zhayedan, or be split between the Fiday and a Daylami, or some other combination. It doesn’t matter – spend regular orders however you wish. But irregular orders can only be spent on the troop that generated them. So those Daylami’s irregular orders can’t be spent on anything except themselves. This is only a problem because it means the Zhayedan, Mukhtar, Fiday, and your other troops get fewer orders for themselves.

Note that Infinity lists are usually 300 points. So a 150 point list is half the size of a normal list. It’s a very good start, but won’t allow for big games.

Purchase 3

Hassassin Lasiqs

Price: €18.95

Total: €93.85



Both of these profiles are solid additions to a force. The sniper makes a nice defensive piece, and the rifle is a specialist, which means it can achieve mission objectives (when you make the transition to playing full missions).

Run this as:

No changes.

Whilst the Lasiq viral rifle might be turned into a Mukhtar viral rifle when you expand the list, for now it’s a good addition.

200 Point List

Now we’re talking! After three purchases we can make a decent 200 point list with a good selection of 10 troops.

As with the 150 points list, I recommended the Najjarun become a Barid hacker, but in this list it’s a Barid killer hacker. Again, this isn’t a huge problem.

This list is a good foundation to play a larger-sized beginner game. You have a reasonable number of regular orders and a nice selection of potent guns. The wide selection of viral weapons is something that’s almost unique to Haqqislam, and the Impersonation rule is too (only one or two other factions share these abilities), so this list really shows off a lot of Haqq’s strengths!

I will say that this list isn’t a hyper-optimised, super-competitive 200 point list. But then again, most Infinity games are played at 300 points so this does not really matter. 200 points is really for larger beginner games, and I can assure you that this list should be able to perform well in that format!

Expanding To 300 Points

How you proceed from 200 to 300 points is a difficult question because you have lots of options. I wrote another article that describes a good starter Haqqislam list at 300 points, which you can find here. You’ll see that nearly all of the troops in the 200 point list in this article are also in the 300 point list in the other article. I did this on purpose to make the next steps a little easier for you. For those troops that aren’t present, think about how you could proxy your existing units to minimise spending.

If you’re interested in browsing the Corvus Belli store and not following the 300 point list that I suggested, then I can recommend some individual future purchases:

Asawira Regiment

A premier Haqqislam heavy infantry with a weapon that cuts through armour.

The Remotes Pack

Remotes are a very common purchase. One option is a robot with an HMG that fires its full burst in the reactive turn. This makes it an extremely strong reactive piece. Another option is a very cheap troop that only costs 7 points in the game. People use this to bulk up the number of regular orders they have. Note that you get two remotes in the pack.

Hassassin Farzan

The Farzan is a cheap troop with camouflage. Haqqislam excels at less-direct, more-subtle approaches, and one of the ways it does this is through camouflaged troops. It’s common to see a good selection of camouflaged units in a Haqqislam list. You already got a Farzan in the Hassassins starter box, but it had a rifle. This Farzan has a shotgun. You can therefore use it as a good proxy for any shotgun wielding troop. I use the Al Hawwa hacker profile in a lot of my lists. It’s a camouflage troop that’s a hacker and it has a shotgun. This Fazan sculpt would be a perfect stand-in for that.

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